Senior management - Executive committee

Jean-Charles Naouri currently exercises both functions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

As Chief Executive Officer, he manages the Company and represents it vis-à-vis third parties within the scope of his corporate purpose. He is granted the most extensive powers to act in all circumstances in the name of the Company, subject to any powers assigned by law to the Board of Directors and to the shareholders’ meeting.

The Executive Committee, acting under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the Group’s operational management. It implements the Group’s strategy, as defined by the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

Alongside the Chief Executive Officer, the 12-member Executive Committee is comprised of the senior executives of the Group’s main subsidiaries as well as functional managers.


Graduated from ESSEC Business School and holder of a master’s degree in business law from the University of Paris II – Assas, Diane Coliche was since 2010 Director of M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and participations within the Casino group. Before joining the Casino Group, she worked from 2000 to 2010 at the investment bank Morgan Stanley in mergers and acquisitions in Paris and London. She joined Monoprix in January 2017 and was appointed Executive Director in september 2019. Diane Coliche joined the Executive Committee of the Casino Group in december 2021.


Hervé Daudin started his career in 1995 within the Treasury Directorate as Deputy Chief of Office, and then, Chief of Office before becoming Technical Advisor to the Minister’s office within the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry in 1999. He joined Euris in 2002 as Deputy Director and then, as from 2003, he continued his career within the Casino Group, where he occupied various positions such as Director of Strategy and Planning, Director of Flows, then Director of Retail Activities and Flows and President of EMCD (newly AMC) from 2009 to 2015. He is now Executive Director, Merchandise and Chairman of Achats Marchandises Casino as well as member of the Executive Committee since 2009.

Franck-Philippe GEORGIN

Franck-Philippe Georgin started his career in the electorate in 2008 as Director of the Cabinet of the Prefect of the Picardie Region. In 2010, he was appointed General Secretary of the Creuse prefecture. In 2011, he joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs as advisor to the Minister. Deputy Prefect of Fontainebleau in 2012, Franck-Philippe Georgin was appointed Cabinet Director of the Alpes-Maritimes Council General in 2013 then, in 2015, Director of Studies and International Relations within Les Republicain parti. He joined the Casino Group in June 2017 as Head of Strategy and Planning and he became Interim Head of Human Resources in November. In March 2018, he was appointed General Secretary to the Executive Committee for the Group.


Carlos Mario Giraldo joined the Group Compañía de Galletas Noel in 1997 as President of the Industrias Alimenticias Noel division before integrating, in 2005, the Nutresa Group as Executive VP. In 2008, he joined the Casino Group as Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Éxito until 2013 when he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Éxito, member of the Executive Committee for the Casino Group.

Emmanuel GRENIER

Emmanuel Grenier joined the Casino Group within which he built most of his career. From 1996 to 2002, he occupied positions internationally, and particularly in Poland (Géant Poland). Then he headed the Group’s Supply Chain in 2003. After heading the logistics branch Easydis for two years, Emmanuel Grenier was appointed Head of Cdiscount in 2008. He is now Chief Executive Officer of Cnova NV and Cdiscount. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Casino Group since June 2019.


Cécile Guillou began her career as strategic consultant at McKinsey, before joining the Casino Group in 2009, first as Methods and Process Manager at Franprix-Leader Price, and then as Head of New Concepts at Casino hypermarkets. She joined Franprix in 2012 as Marketing Director and then she became Jean-Paul Mochet’s Deputy Managing Director in 2013. She was appointed Executive Director of Franprix in 2018, then Chief Executive Officer in May 2022. She has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Casino Group since 2020.

Nicolas JOLY

Nicolas Joly joined the Casino Group in 2008, as Director of Real Estate Arbitration (2008-2011) then Director in charge of Real Estate Operations (2013-2016) within Immobilière Groupe Casino, Deputy Managing Director of Assets management at Mercialys (2016-2020) and Chairman of Casino Immobilier since 2016. He was also appointed Group M&A Project Director for the Casino group in May 2022, and joined the Executive Committee of the Casino group. He held various positions within Unibail Rodamco in the Investment Department (2004-2008). Nicolas is a graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris (2004).


Julien Lagubeau started his career in the public service at the Ministry of Budget, as Deputy to the Chief of Office (2003-2007) and then as Technical Advisor (2007-2009). In 2009, he joined the Serendipity Funds as Investment Director before joining the Prime Minister cabinet as Budget Advisor in 2011. In 2012, he joined the Casino Group as Head of Strategy and Planning and Executive Committee Secretary. Then, he was appointed Head of Strategy and Operations in 2014. Since 2015, he has been acting as Chief Operating Officer.


David Lubek is an inspecteur des finances (finance inspector), previously working for the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. After graduating from Polytechnic School, he joined the Finance Ministry in 2000 as Head of Budget and he also occupied various other positions. In 2010, he joined Groupama as Director of General Audits. In 2013, he joined the Casino Group as Director of Management control for the Group, then Chief Financial Officer.


After an industrial career of 6 years within Danone (Fresh Products), Tina Schuler then moved to more commercial positions for 2 years, before being in charge of Retailers’ Brands. In 1998, she joined the Group’s Water Branch as Commercial Development Director, and then Brand Director. In 2001, she joined Auchan Group’s Atac branch within which she evolved for 10 years, from Marketing Director (2001-2003) to Director of the Northern Network (2004-2008) then Commercial Director for France (2008-2011) and Business General Manager for the Western Region. Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Leader Price in 2011, she was also appointed Chief Executive Officer of Casino Supermarkets and Géant hypermarkets in March 2016. Since October 2018, she has also acted as General Manager for the Convenience (Proximité) area. She has been a member of the Executive Committee since September 2013.


Guillaume Sénéclauze joined Casino group in 2015, first as General Manager of BIG C in Vietnam before becoming Executive Director of the banner Carulla in Colombia. In 2019, he was appointed Sales and Operations Vice-President by Grupo Éxito in Colombia then Omnichannel Vice-President in July 2020. In January 2022, he was made Omnichannel Director of Casino group before being appointed Chairman of Monoprix and Chairman of Naturalia in May 2022. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Casino group. Guillaume Sénéclauze is a graduate of ESCP Business School. Before joining Casino group, he spent 17 years in operational and commercial management at Carrefour in France and abroad.