Documentation and information

The Board of Directors has decided to compile and, where appropriate, clarify and supplement, the applicable legal, regulatory and statutory provisions and rules of ethics governing its operations. The committee charters also specify the attributions and operating procedures of the committees.

Company’s articles of Association 

Board of Directors Internal Rules

Audit Committee Charter 

Appointments and Compensation Committee Charter

Governance and Social Responsibility Committee Charter

Extract of 2020 Universal registration document (French version)

2020 AFEP-MEDEF Code

Ethical values are at the core of Casino Group’s strategy and development. The Ethics charter and the Code of ethics and conduct set out the rules of conduct, the principles of action and the obligations expected of each employee and manager. Detailed measures aiming to prevent insider trading are grouped together in the company’s insider trading policy.

Ethics charter

Code of ethics and conduct

Insider trading policy

Trading black-out periods

Permanent Statutory Auditors

  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte & Associés

Alternate Statutory Auditors

  • Auditex (Alternate to Ernst & Young)
  • Beas (Alternate to Deloitte & Associés)

The statutory auditors’ current 6-year term will expire at the end of the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting to be held in 2022 to consider  and act on financial statements for the fiscal year on 31 December 2021.