Shareholder’s consultative committee

In order to strenghten its relationship with individual shareholders, Casino Group created a Shareholders’ consultative committee in 2016. Its role is to facilitate regular and high-quality dialogue between Casino and its individual shareholders, to improve the Group’s communication and gain visibility among shareholders.


Six Casino Group members:

  • Co-Chairman: David LUBEK, Chief Financial Officer
  • Co-Chairman: Jacques DUMAS, Advisor to the Chairman
  • Lionel BENCHIMOL, Head of Financial Communication and Investor Relations
  • Kareen CEINTRE,  Secretary of the Board of Directors of Casino, Guichard-Perrachon
  • Céline DONADIEU, Manager Legal, Corporate & Listed Companies
  • Charlotte IZABEL, Investor Relations Manager

Five individual shareholder members appointed for two years as from 1 January 2016:

Two individual shareholders:

  • Caroline Meignen
  • Bruno Marquet-Ellis

Two representatives from individual shareholder associations:

  • Didier Fougeras de Lavergnolle (ANAF)
  • Jean-Pierre Belhoste de Soulanges (APAI)

One former employee shareholder:

  • Daniel Chabroux