Let’s discover Prosperar, a non-profit education program that helps low-income Brazilian students access higher education

Since 2014, Instituto GPA (GPA’s foundation) supports deserving students from disadvantaged areas by granting them university scholarships. It enables young people with excellent school performances but with limited financial or material resources to pursue long studies.

The Prosperar initiative (Portuguese word for “growing”), that was conceived by Jean-Charles Naouri, Casino group’s CEO in France and CEO of GPA in Brazil, was launched by Instituto GPA in partnership with the prestigious Brazilian Business School Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

It enables Brazilian students from disadvantaged areas access the best institutes and universities through the awarding of a scholarships. 65 students have already been granted this scholarship in order to pursue their studies. In addition to the scholarship itself (payment of the university fees), students can also benefit from school supplies, food aid, transportation and housing allowances. In return, the students accept to fully involve themselves in their training for 4 years and not interrupt the studies.

“The ambition of the Prosperar program is very simple: to give students, among the most capable in Brazil, the chance and opportunity to access the best education available and pursue their studies in the best conditions”, says Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, chairman of Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

« GPA and Casino group are examples to follow. Thanks to this program, access to higher education is made easier to students. I could not have enrolled or achieved the graduation course I longed for without the help of GPA and of the Prosperar program” says Geane Souza, who benefited from the program and graduated in 2019.

Thanks to the program, she received a scholarship for her 4 years study course including financial help for her housing, meals and books.

« This program changed my life ! » This is what Maycon Silva says about this program when asked. He is a 24 years-old Brazilian student who, thanks to the program, had the opportunity to go and study in France, South Africa and the United States of America. He will graduate in July 2021. He currently works as an analyst in a business consultancy firm.

The Prosperar program is part of the commitments made by the Casino Group, its subsidiaries and foundations in France and Latin America to promote the education of young people and their professional integration.