Casino Group first quarter 2023 net sales

Casino Group publishes on May 4, 2023 its net sales for the first quarter. Consolidated net sales of €5.4bn (up +1.0% on a same-store basis). France Retail down -0.4% on a same-store basis marked by: – The Parisian and convenience...
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Casino Group third quarter 2022 net sales

Casino Group publishes on October 27, 2022 its net sales for the third quarter. Consolidated net sales up +10.6% as reported and +5.4% on a same-store basis. In France, the banners maintained good growth momentum in an inflationary environment, thanks...
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Casino Group

From ideas to action

Established almost 125 years ago, Casino Group is today a leading food retailer, with more than 11,500 stores worldwide across France and Latin America.

With a clear vision of changes taking place in the sector, its goal is to accelerate the transformation of retail. This is why all of the Group’s distribution activities are positioned in highpotential formats: convenience,
premium and e-commerce.

The Group draws on its culture of innovation and its digital maturity to promote its expertise in technology, logistics and energy across the global retail ecosystem.

By giving its 208,000 employees a role to play in its dual ecological and digital transition, the Group is empowering them to become ambassadors of new consumption models to their customers.

As it dreams up ideas and puts them into action, Casino Group is inventing a sustainable future for retail.