Propose more responsible products

Casino Group sells within its stores over 42 000 products certified as responsible, which represent a growing part of the brands’ turnover.

7 main actions



The Group supports organic farming and offers Organic products accessible to the greatest number of people with more than 22 000 food products, more than 2 500 private-label products (Casino Bio, Monoprix Bio, Franprix Bio) and more than 250 100% Organic stores.

The Group’s banners are deploying programs to support agroecology : Monoprix has implemented since 2015 the “Tous Cultiv’acteurs” program with more than 700 fruit and vegetable producers and are in partnership with BeeFriendly to promote production that respects the environment and pollinators.

With AgriPlus, Casino is committed to “Zero pesticide residue”. This initiative responds to consumer demands while acting upon the conditions of production upstream. Since 2015, the Casino brand has been offering frozen foods guaranteed free of pesticide residues (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides). In 2018, the brand is completing its commitment by launching a range of fresh fruit and vegetables guaranteed free of pesticide residues, with products that change with the seasons.

2. Supporting the transition towards a more plan-based diet

The Group’s banners offer a range of private-label and national leguminous products. They also include concepts for dried vegetables, legumes, cereals as well as a wide range of fruits and vegetables in bulk.

In order to offer alternatives to meat to their customers, the banners have developed specific product ranges that provide a source of plant-based proteins.

Moreover, Casino Group offers, within its food banners, a wide range of national brand products derived from vegetal proteins.


Diet plays an important role in our health. The links between diet and the prevention or the development of certain diseases, such as heart disease or cancer, are now scientifically established. Casino Group, conscious of these issues and of its role as a responsible retailer, has developed a product policy reconciling safety, flavour, health, nutritional balance and environment stewardship.Implemented in 2003, the Group’s Health-Nutrition initiative is backed by the experience and know-how acquired by the Group since 1901, when the first Casino private label was created.

The Group offers many product ranges in order to fulfil the specific nutritional needs of its consumers: gluten-free, sugar-free and adapted to the nutritional needs of babies and children.

>> To find out more about our commitments to improve the nutritional profile of products.

Casino Group ensures that its customers have clear, reliable and robust information on the nutritional quality of the private-label products it markets. Thus, for many years, the Group has displayed nutritional information on its products. It makes this information available on its mobile apps such as Casino Max, Bibi de Franprix or Monoprix and Moi.

Nutri-score : 

The Casino Brand displays the Nutri-Score on all its products. 

The Franprix brand also decided to display the Nutri-Score label on all its branded products. 

In 2022, 60% of Casino and Franprix own-brand products display A, B and C nutriscores on their packaging.

Allergobox :

Casino is also the first retailer to use, the web platform dedicated to allergic or food-intolerant people.

More than 3300 Casino food products are listed in the database so that consumers can find out if these products are compatible with their dietary restrictions.


The Group makes a commitment in favour of animal welfare as regards supply chains and offers in stores. Teams are made aware of this issue and work daily towards becoming more demanding to guarantee better animal welfare. Our 4 commitments for the animal welfare : 

  • Regular control of the cattle-breeding and slaughtering conditions
  • Getting committed transversally about animal welfare
  • Supporting the implementation of labelling for animal welfare on products
  • Developing the product offer with best standards in favour of animal welfare and the offer from organic farming

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To preserve fishing resources, brands have prohibited since 2007 the retail of endangered species, especially deep-sea ones and they support more sustainable fishing techniques such as the ones on free schools.

The Group encourages aquaculture by offering quality products to its customers (Organic Agriculture, without antibiotic treatments, without GMOs).

The Group fights against illegal fishing and destructive techniques such as electric fishing and it promotes local supply and seasonal products in order to offer more responsible products on stalls.

THE casino group's fisheries and aquaculture POLICY

Click on the guide above to consult our complete fisheries and aquaculture policy.

6. Reducing plastic packaging

Casino Group is strengthening its packaging policy in order to fulfil the demands of reduction and improvement of their recyclability while guaranteeing the sanitary quality of its products.

Casino Group uses the 5R method to identify Eco conception actions to implement for its packaging by applying 5 essential rules for the development of packaging for its new products or to improve existing packaging: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot is applied to all products in own brands.

The gradual removal of products which disrupt waste sorting or which can generate easily-avoidable waste (plastic bags, disposable plates and cutlery, brochures …) is one of the main objectives of the Group.

>> To find out more about our policy in favour of reducing the impact of packaging on the environment.


In order to fight against deforestation, Casino Group is implementing schemes to support the sustainable supply of raw materials used by its providers, especially regarding beef bred in Brazil, palm oil, soy and cocoa. These schemes consist in demanding guarantees from its providers regarding the production of the raw materials they use by working on the traceability of its supply chains, in order to make them more transparent and allow their monitoring.

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