Historical birthplace of Casino Group, France is at the heart of its differentiation strategy and format segmentation. Its brands, which combine business dynamism and innovation, claim their identity and constantly evolve to anticipate new modes of consumption.



With its convenience supermarkets, the banner offers its customers a shopping experience focused on taste, featuring high-quality fresh produce, a vast organic produce range, food counters, innovative digital services and solutions, and more.


> 419 stores 

> 9,870 employees


These human scale hypermarkets feature premium traditional food sections, local fresh produce and a vast organic range. They are experts in non-food items, thanks to partnerships with specialist brands. Digitalisation is enriching the customer experience and expanding the service offering.


> 105 stores

> 12,366 employees


This network of convenience stores in the heart of towns and cities takes a human approach to retail. Made affordable thanks to numerous special offer campaigns, the selection emphasises local producers, scoop-and-weigh services and private-label products.


762 stores

In 2020 for the Casino banners : 

> Success of CasinoMax with more than 3 million downloads and 475,000 active cardholders.

> Development of drive-through service at 138 supermarkets in 2020, and launch of the Casino #Plus e-commerce offering throughout the Île-de-France region.

> Expansion of home delivery service through partnerships with Shopopop and Deliveroo, and increase in the online offering on to include 18,000 items.

> Roll-out of the customer relationship project to implement the “4×4” customer culture method (four essential elements combined with four ways to drive loyalty) and continuously measure customer satisfaction.

> Roll-out of the CAP’ programme. CAP’ stands for Casino Acting for the Planet (“Casino Agissons pour la Planète”) and sets out ten commitments for a more beautiful, clean-air planet and a healthier, tastier diet.

> Continued extension of store opening hours to provide autonomous service in the evening and Sunday afternoons for 100 additional Casino Supermarchés in 2020, and extension of store opening hours to Sunday afternoons for 44 Géant Casino.

> Creation of a convenience format with the new Casino #ToutPrès concept and opening of Casino #Home at Paris’ Les Belles Feuilles shopping centre ; roll-out of the Casino #Bio store concept with the opening of five stores.

> Opening of 179 new shop-in-shops for Casino Supermarchés in partnership with expert brands such as C&A, Hema, Claire’s, Maty, Piery, MoovWay, Easy Cash and Mobilia.



Franprix is the convenience banner of major towns and cities. Its continuously evolving stores meet the needs of city dwellers who want quality and innovation, with a comprehensive food range and areas where customers can come to relax, socialise, eat and enjoy convenience services, and a professional and responsible non-food offering.

Key figures: 

> 872 stores

In 2020 : 

> Launch of a new store concept, which goes further in restaurant services, non-food partnerships and commitment to sustainability.

> Launch of e-commerce on, offering delivery in under 40 minutes in the Île-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and southern regions.

> Extension of the partnership with Deliveroo, including 65 fulfilment stores.

> Roll-out of Hema shop-in-shops (210 stores) and launch of the partnership with Decathlon (22 stores).

> Development of the management lease model for 78 stores.

> 32 awards, including the “FEEF d’Or” prize for the glass consignment system with GreenGo, a TopCom award for Bibi, two winning products at the “Victoires de la Beauté” and an LSA award for river-based transport and the first 26-tonne electric lorry.


La Nouvelle Cave combines physical and digital retail to make beginners feel more comfortable about buying beer, wine and spirits, while at the same time meeting the high standards of seasoned customers.


> 1 physical store 

> 1 e-shop

> 3 dark stores

In 2020 : 

> Roll-out on the Epicery, Deliveroo and Uber Eats platforms. 

> Launch of the e-shop. 

> Creation of three dark stores in Paris suburbs: Saint-Ouen, Courbevoie and Montreuil. 

> Launch of virtual brands available on the platforms: the beer cellar Caps and Boutique à Boire for organic and natural wines


Leader Price discount supermarkets stand out for their balanced selection of more than 4,000 products, including 77% under its private label, built with a constant focus on quality at the right price. With its new store concept, Leader Price makes shopping a pleasant experience.


> 90 stores

In 2020 : 

> Completion of the sale of 548 stores and three warehouses in mainland France.

> Refocusing of the assortment on everyday products, and increase in the proportion of private-label products.


A place that nurtures well-being amid bustling city life. The banner specialises in beauty products, personal care, services and “little extras”, drawing on the expertise of L’Oréal.


> 2 stores

In 2020 : 

> Opening of a corner in the Monoprix
Pelleport store in Paris. 

> Success of the e-commerce site
launched in 2019. 

> Offering rolled out on the Uber Eats
platform and Cdiscount marketplace.


As a benchmark player in daily city life since 1932, Monoprix has built a one-of-a-kind relationship with its urban customers through its store network and website, Thanks to unique assortments and private-label food, beauty, fashion and household products, the banner makes the little pleasures in life accessible to everyone.


> 317 stores in France and 101 in international markets

> 21,000 employees

In 2020 : 

> Reopening of the Paris-Montparnasse Monoprix which is reinventing the French joie de vivre and has won the “Janus du Commerce”. 

> Launch of Monoprix Plus, the new delivery service revolutionising online grocery shopping. 

> Launch of Monoprix Make-up Bio, the first private-label, organic make-up brand. 

> Roll-out of the Oui ! programme, combining customer service and hospitality. 

> Launch of 100% eco-friendly delivery service for Parisians, in partnership with Stuart. 

> Awarded Top Employer and Socotec certifications. 

> Included in the list of 50 most powerful brands, Kantar – Brand Z. 

> Creation of a “white door” delivery service which gives priority to hospital employees and a toll-free telephone number for deliveries of everyday essentials to elderly, fragile or isolated people.


The first French-style convenience store, monop’’ responds to the needs of active city shoppers, with a large selection of customised products and services, including extended store hours.


> 159 stores in France and 5 in international markets

> 1,209 employees

In 2020 : 

> Launch of the first automated store in Clichy, just outside Paris


A pioneer organic food chain operating since 1973 in France, Naturalia brings urban shoppers new consumer options, with its convenient offering of 10,000 products, including fresh produce, dry goods and cosmetics that promote biodiversity and support local French farmers.


> 216 stores in France and 15 in international markets

> 1,722 employees

In 2020 : 

> Opening of 14 new stores – nine franchises and five integrated. 

> Significant expansion in the Île-de-France region with the opening of four new stores. 

> Launch of KissKissBioBio, a programme to help young organic companies, and selection of four innovative startups that will be supported by the banner’s staff. 

> Awarded B Corp certification. 

> Launch of a new loyalty scheme that is more generous and committed and encourages purchases without packaging. 

> Inclusion of Naturalia’s mission in company by-laws: “Giving the freedom to do good for people and nature.


Operating in 26 countries in Europe with a selection of 500 brands including six private labels and 80,000 products, Sarenza is the new online destination for head-to-toe fashion. The website and the app draw on several strengths: service quality (delivery in France within 24 hours, returns possible for up to 100 days after purchase, refunds in less than five days), a community of customers and customer advisors who provide advice through the website’s chat line, and multi-award-winning customer service.


> 8 million customers in Europe

> 210 employees

In 2020 : 

> Sarenza celebrates 15 years of creativity, boldness and engagement. 

> Serious about women since 2005: action to promote gender equality with the “Fondation des Femmes” and especially with the organisation “En avant toute(s)”. 

> Launch of #SandalesSimone, where women who are victims of violence can discreetly seek help from professionals from “En Avant Tout(e)s” directly on the Sarenza website, without leaving a trace on the browser. 

> Roll-out of the “white door” delivery service that prioritises hospital employees, and a toll-free number for delivery of daily essentials to elderly, fragile and isolated people.


Exclusively located in mountain regions, the banner embraces the values of this lifestyle: nature, freshness, vitality, authenticity and performance. Sherpa is geared towards the winter sports market and is becoming the number one store at ski resorts.


> 122 stores

In 2020 : 

> Opening of a store in Briançon. 

> Denser regional coverage, broader selection of organic products in line with consumer expectations, development of premium beverage and fresh food ranges to meet the needs of urban and foreign customers.


Building on the banner’s international reputation, Spar convenience stores and supermarkets are leaders in tourist areas, where their selection of local, regional and traditional products highlights the retailer’s expertise.


> 877 stores

In 2020 : 

> Continued development of franchised stores.

> website redesigned to emphasise customer loyalty and services and more effectively direct customers to the new common e-commerce platform


With its convenience store concept adapted to each region, Vival is a multi-service store that fulfils its customers’ needs and provides locals with a place to meet and socialise.


> 1,666 stores

In 2020 : 

> Faster expansion of franchised stores. 

> website redesigned to emphasise customer loyalty and services and more effectively direct customers to the new common e-commerce platform