This multi-specialist French e-commerce leader democratises access to the best everyday products and services. Designed as a platform, it brings together 9 million customers, 12,000 vendors including 5,000 French vendors, close to 70 million products and an ecosystem of industrial partners and startups.

Figures : 20 million unique visitors/2,000 employees

In 2019 :

> Opening of 80 farm pick-up points through the Agrikolis startup.

> Testing of packages that can be reused up to 1,000 times, through the Living Packet startup.

> Development of services: launch of Cdiscount Santé (health insurance and optician) and Cdiscount Énergie, a gas offering with GreenYellow.

> Launch of the International Marketplace Network (IMN), bringing together four major e-commerce platforms in Europe.

> First set of projects to come out of LeLab, the data and marketing startup incubator.

> Return to TV advertising, with the signature ad “Le génie, c’est vous”.

> Opening of the La Nouvelle Cave specialist wine and spirits store concept in Paris in partnership with Casino Group.

> First IT Master Class for jobseekers to learn more about software development careers.